Really Easily Build an Android APK on Device

Have you ever wanted to build your own Android application on device? Your own app created on a smartphone or tablet? Now you can easily compile many selected applications that have already been successfully built and installed on smartphones (aarch64 and arm). Would you dare to try to spend some time learning something new to do so? There are many Android apps which build quit well on device with the tools we have at our disposal in Termux. today at this page.

Some of these showcased apps are quite complex. Others are very entertaining. While others still are very simple, mere fragments of apps that are complete in themselves. Instructions are located at this page. More scripts should be written to build Android apps on device. Alternative scripts automating the entire process like ./gradlew, but much simpler can be found at this page. We should really leave the age of whirling fans and disk drives behind:

Install Termux on Android. Copy and paste each of the following commands separately into Termux. Run each of the following command lines separately. Running them all at once may generate errors.

pkg up
pkg install aapt apksigner dx ecj findutils git 
cd && git clone

This may take some time dependent on system speed and configuration for these command-line commands to complete. This means packages will probably be installed in Termux. and then one of the packages, git will fetch the buildAPKs repository, and then the last command. While it should be fairly self-explanatory, it builds one of the APKs in the showcase and places it in the Downloads folder using the tools that we have at our disposal today, in Termux, on-the-fly. Upon completion, output as follows will print onto the screen:

It is ready to be installed.
Install moon.apk from /sdcard/Download/ using your file manager from Android.

Prism Screenshot

Enjoy this project! Your feedback is welcome at the wiki for this showcase of open source APKs at this wiki. The wiki for is located at this wiki. Please do not confuse the two different wikies. You are invited to contribute to the /docs directory as well, which is home to this webpage directory, as well as this page you are reading now. So in a way you are reading a defacto wiki page.

An issue page is located at here and please remember about the fascinating git coding processes of cloning and merging source code on GitHub. Have fun! Enjoy!

When you press and momentarily hold the volumeDown+power buttons simultaneously on a smartphone, it takes a screenshot much like this one which shows the screen and the the source code for this page in vim running on Termux on Android.


This animation was created with imagemagick in Termux on an Android smartphone.

Screenshot Animation

If you’re confused by this page try this link, or you might want to try this one. Post your what you have found at the wiki, donate and help this website grow!

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